Clear Winter Color Guide

Take your BEST colors to the Next Level.

Have you looked at the options for Clear Winter but don't know how to narrow it down and make them work for you?

Go beyond the basics with this 48 page guide to using your Clear Winter palette to the fullest!

Inside this guide you'll find:

  • 48 of the best colors for Clear Winter.
  • Specific colors to wear in your life and relationships to evoke emotions in yourself and others.
  • Color combinations based on color theory.
  • Suggested colors to wear in spring, summer, and autumn to lose the dark feeling of winter.
  • 12 pre-made color palettes for your wardrobe.

BONUS!!!!!!.........A printable swatch card featuring your 48 colors to print off and place in your wallet for easy shopping.

I am fairly aware of the colors I like and what colors I don't. With that being said, this guide still taught me things and surprised me with some options I had long ruled out! I loved that you had combinations for different "feels" I think we often know what colors look good on us, but then there's always the "What do I wear to a job interview?" so my favorite part was the explanations WITH visuals for how the colors can give certain feelings- power, peace, or passion. It could've been explained in words or color wheels, but I specifically liked seeing the combinations because I really could see how the power colors really did add that extra POW! and I could see that the more neutral based outfits really do add to a calm, collected, and humble demeanor. As a visual learner, the visuals really spoke to me best.
h that being said, since I’ve referred back to it several times now- I really have grown to appreciate the illustrations even more.  With Pinterest or other capsule plans I’ve used, the pictures have worked okay because the person had a similar style. However, being in a perpetually warm environment it was hard for me to visualize a “winter” outfit adapted to my hot summers. So, I like the illustrations showing how to use the colors in different ways and also having space and freedom to take that knowledge and apply it my own way. Thank you for seeking to truly educate us about colors, and giving us a whole world of possibilities! Give a man a fish, feed him once; Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. I feel like you are teaching us to fish rather than just giving us lunch so that is truly been wonderful. - Trish

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