Deep Autumn Color Guide

Take your BEST colors to the Next Level.

Have you looked at the options for Deep Autumn but don't know how to narrow it down and make them work for you?

Go beyond the basics with this 48 page guide to using your Deep Autumn palette to the fullest!

Inside this guide you'll find:

  • 48 of the best colors for Deep Autumn.
  • Specific colors to wear in your life and relationships to evoke emotions in yourself and others.
  • Color combinations based on color theory.
  • Suggested colors to wear in spring, summer, and winter to lose the earthy feeling of autumn
  • 12 pre-made color palettes for your wardrobe.

BONUS!!!!!!.........A printable swatch card featuring your 48 colors to print off and place in your wallet for easy shopping.

"I have done quite a bit of online research in my spare time so I had a lot of knowledge coming in to reading the Deep Autumn Seasonal Guide. The “Best Colors” section contained colors that I typically wear, as well as some blue and green shades that I have been scared to try since they are “cool” colors. I am excited to have several options to experiment with going forward. The “Glitz” section was color information that was totally new to me. It was fascinating to discover that the colors I put together in my outfits have the ability to project certain characteristics. I had no idea that light neutrals make my skin glow (though that explains why my husband always likes when I wear light colored tops and dresses!). I had no idea that blues and greens that are supposed to illuminate my eyes even existed. I will need to give those a try for sure! As a brighter than average deep autumn, I have found that high contrasts suit me best, so the Complementary Colors section will be helpful to give direction on how to combine colors in the most flattering ways. I especially appreciated how Stacey acknowledges the difficulty of finding Deep Autumn colors in the spring and color seasons. With the colors she suggests, I now will feel much more confident when those seasons roll around. The “Wardrobe Palettes” section would be truly helpful for creating a smaller capsule or travel wardrobe—I will definitely be referring to these for my next trip. And finally, my favorite part of the guide is the printable palette swatch card that will fit perfectly in my wallet so I can refer to it at any time." - Michelle

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