Soft Autumn Color Guide

Take your BEST colors to the Next Level.

Have you looked at the options for Soft Autumn but don't know how to narrow it down and make them work for you?

Go beyond the basics with this 48 page guide to using your Soft Autumn palette to the fullest!

Inside this guide you'll find:

  • 48 of the best colors for Soft Autumn.
  • Specific colors to wear in your life and relationships to evoke emotions in yourself and others.
  • Color combinations based on color theory.
  • Suggested colors to wear in spring, summer, and winter to lose the earthy feeling of autumn
  • 12 pre-made color palettes for your wardrobe.

BONUS!!!!!!.........A printable swatch card featuring your 48 colors to print off and place in your wallet for easy shopping.

"I love the colors Stacey focused on, pinks, greens and blues, I know I am finding such joy in those colors, many of which I have never even considered wearing before! These are BEAUTIFUL color palettes. Since I'm just getting started in my color wearing experience, these palettes are a lovely way for me to experiment with palettes and combinations that I can be confident will work. Less stress (and time!) spent trying to figure out what looks good, the work has already been done for me." - Jonelle

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